Monday, August 17, 2009

Quest Of Happiness

A quest of happiness still in long reach
A mask I hold on my face
hiding my true emotions
never to be found and shown

The land that I so much hate
Yet I am here on my own
No one to support me
No one to guide me
Must carve my own path
Towards the unseen destiny.

No light in my path
Lid by anyone
Lighting my own torch
I tread through the most trechous path
Still holding that mask of happiness.

Patience is wearing thin
My will is weakening
I dont know how long I can keep up
With it the lonliness is creeping close
Yet holding boldly the mask of happiness for others to see.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am here all alone,
Sitting still like a stone.
Waiting and looking for dat shiny light,
That would lit up & make my life bright.
I Look up and see the clear blue sky,
With just one question in my heart, Why?
Why am here all alone, don't have any one for
Me, someone, anyone;
Whom I can laugh & cry with & haave fun.
I search around for an answer, a voice
But i see nothing, not a noice
Guess life is just playing around
I have to wait a little longer for dat
one sound, that voice.
Being like a stone, its not too bad,
But it feels like am torn, down & sad.
As if everything has lost its pace,
And nothing is at its right place.
To feel alive once again
To overcome all of my pain
I seek the one
One who would touch me, get me back
as a real person.
Till that happens, i have no choice but wait
For Dat one moment, one day, one date
Sit quite and still like a stone
all by myself , all alone.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Words to keep you strong

If you want to be, What you want to be.
Be what you want to be
and to be what you want to be
belive what you want be.

Be brave, be bold, dare and do.
Nothing is impossible,
no obstacle is insummountable.
Today the skies are clear and
blue and the sun shines bright.

Make hay now. Sieze the moment.
Start now begin your work.
If only you make up your mind,
stay decided and stand firm like a rock,
no one can stop you from gaining your goal
and crowning yourself with success,
tommorow is a myth;
it is only a vision with hope and faith,
do give rein to your vision.

Think big and not small.
Look ahead and plan well.
When a task is once begun,
never rest till it is done.

Know what you want and
go after it with single-minded concentration
and total resoluteness.
Visualise the image of what
you would like to become in life.
Take one step at a time,
and that step well placed
will take you to the top.
Anything you want, you certainly can have.

Whatever you desire, you will get,
Never fear, what appears impossible today
will become a reality tommorow with your
determination, dedication and hard work.

Aim at the star and shoot high.
Never settle for small things.
Anything in your life,
be it hard or cruel,
face it with head erect, steps triumphant,
mind made up and heart sincere.

You will find that anything you attempt
will turn out to be a great success.
You will find life interesting, enjoyable and meaningful.
And when you work hard with a strong determination
in mind you will be on the road to success.

Success starts with your will power.
Believe your will and you will make it.
Positive thinking and power of self-confidence
promote super strong will power to emerge victorious.

Never give up, keep trying and you will succeed.
It is wiser and better always to work hard, than ever despair.
Firm must be the will, patient the heart.
Passionate the aspiration to secure the fulfillment
of some high and lofty purpose.

Success is not a matter of luck or genius.
Success depends on adequate preparation and indomitable determination.
Sweethearts are won my wooing, fortune is won same way.
When once you have concieved and determined your mission,
within your soul, let not yourself arrest your steps.
He win the most who can endure the most,
who faces issues, who never shirks and who always works.

Remember, kites rise against and not with the wind.
You can do it.
Surromont the rocky steps.
Fight when you have to fight.
There is always the battle to be fought before the victory is won.